Cly/Suva – Lost Cause EP

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New EP by Estonian artist Cly/Suva is now available through Remixta. Five tracks of melancholic and atmospheric electronic music. Influenced by many genres including Drum and Bass, Electro, Downbeat, Industrial and New Retro Wave. While relatively slow, it does not lack in bone crushing beats and heavy basslines while still keeping the soft atmospheric touch of lush pads, chilly sweeps and beautiful melodies.. You can purchase the entire album from Remixta Store for 4 euros.

Available also on a limited edition jewel-case CD, complete with pro-printed inlays and cover art. Shipping is available worldwide, and orders are fulfilled rapidly.

The release will also be available on other digital distribution outlets such as iTunes, Spotify and Beatport later this year.

So what are you waiting for, follow the link for this and many other interesting releases by Remixta!

flipbit03 – Mechanical Grasshopper Overlords

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a0275950021_10 (1)Mechanical Grasshopper Overlords is the debut EP of flipbit03, fusing psytrance inspired sounds with dreamy soundscapes and edgy percussion. The EP delivers four tracks filled with gooey trance-inducing melodies, lush-y pads and tribal-influenced beats. The album depicts a sonic journey in a dystopic setting, where humans find themselves at the verge of extinction by overly modified hybrid machine-animal beasts, created by nature-ignoring unscrupulous scientists in their perennial quest for profit. The EP was conceived, composed, mixed and mastered during the course of four months, from August to November 2013, and was written entirely using tracker software (Renoise).

released 15 January 2014
All tracks written and performed by Carlos Eduardo.
Mastering by Robert Randolph (audiolabs (at) gmail (dot) com)
Album artwork by Sanel Mittal

Get it now from STORE.REMIXTA.NET!

Morgue’s Last Choice – Hemofiilia

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Morgue's Last Choice - Hemofiilia album cover

Morgue’s Last Choice – Hemofiilia

Remixta Label is proud to announce a brand new album Hemofiilia by Morgue’s Last Choice!

MLC is Estonian Dark Noise/Industrial duo which has been active since 2002. Constantly exploring new sounds with various equipment and means to produce noise. This one, like the previous one, is mainly based on improvisation. All tracks were played live with a keyboard, sampler, microphone and some effect units. It was recorded with a microphone placed in the room with artists in a single take to can the most authentic feeling we had while playing it.

Morgue’s Last Choice is a band that explores the darkest depths of our world and has been described by many as a horror music. Each of the releases carries a unifying concept, which have been coined by our keyboard player and vocalist Lunastaja (Kennet Kaare). As he was working in statistics while we were recording on our previous album 7511. As he processed the census data and categorized people by their jobs he noticed an interesting classification. 7511 – butchers and other people working in meat processing. In his twisted mind he formed an images of dystopian slaughterhouse and of people working there in different professions. The images were then transferred to music, and so this release came to be.

This time he decided to cut the chase, and explore one of his own pains. A disorder which he suffers from, known as hemophilia which stops blood from clotting. This disorder was well know for european royalty in early 20th century and one of the most known cases was the Tsarevich of Russia, Alexei. Our release HEMOFIILIA explores this disorder and related pains through both the eyes of Kennet Kaare as well as Alexei and Rasputin. Pains and hallucinations, dreams and fantasies and alcohol induced stupor and numbness…

You can purchase both the CD and digital version from here:

Hope you enjoy the trip!

Tallinn Subway – Breakfast On Mars EP

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Remixta is proud to present a new release. A concept EP by Tallinn Subway bearing a title “Breakfast on Mars”. Four tracks of highly professional electronic dance music, influenced by House, Electro, Techno and sci-fi themes.

If music isn’t enough for you, check out the microsite with the story and some additional visuals for more immersive experience. The four chapter short story explains a little bit of the background of this music. A story of alternative timeline where space travel is just a part of the everyday reality in year 2012.

The EP is available for purchase through Remixta Bandcamp store and soon will be available on other digital outlets. The download also includes the  PDF of the story.

Go check out the interactive microsite for the whole experience:


Remixta Compilation Call

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Remixta is looking for tracks for upcoming compilation release. If you are a producer who might be interested joining the opportunity, please read on!
Rules to enter:
  • Track must be original. Not a remix nor a cover.
  •  Track must NOT be previously released.
  •  EDM genre: Techno, house, drum and bass, electro, etc. We are aiming for more dance style release, so no wild glitch, idm or breakcore please. Original/fusion/cross-genre stuff is very welcome, as long as it has a solid beat
  • You may not be a member of any copyright society, like GEMA, SACD, etc
  •  You must provide an unmastered version with headroom. All tracks will get unified master from a professional mastering studio.
To enter, send the track and following details to: clysuva ( at ) gmail dot com

  1.  Track title
  2.  Artist name (displayed)
  3. Real names of everyone involved in creation of the track (not displayed, needed for copyright stuff)
  4. Your country of origin.
  5. Your valid contact details, also a phone number if possible.
There will be preselection, based on quality and suitability with other tracks. Artists left out will be notified. All artists will receive their share of the profits (if there is any) and some free copies of the physical release (if there will be any). Release will be made available when it’s ready, in all appropriate formats, and distributed on wide range of channels.
Any questions to specified email address or to comments here.


Q: When is the deadline?
A: No deadline (yet). But we will set one when we already have some good tracks.

Q: Can I submit more than one track?
A: Yes you can!

Q: Is genre X okay?
A: It’s not so much about genres as individual tracks. We are mostly aiming for a music listenable to a regular human being, so breakcore or extreme black metal may not be the best options. But we will see on track per track basis. So submit your track anyway.

Q: Will there be a cake?
A: Yes, there will be a cake.


Morgue’s Last Choice – 7511

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MLC - 7511 Announcing the international availability of Morgue’s Last Choice album 7511. Describing the remorse and remorselessness of people working under the ISCO classifier 7511: Butchers. The people whose work results many of us enjoy, but would rather know nothing about the process.

Morgue’s Last Choice brings you 9 tracks filled with deep dark atmospheres. A journey not all of the people are willing to take, but those with an open mind, strong guts and interest in the darker side of the experimental music will definitely enjoy.

The album is available in two versions. Pure digital download, or professionally printed Jewelcase CD version with some additional artwork (also includes immediate digital download).

Remixta Episode #13

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And the new Remixta show is up for your listening pleasure. Haven’t done one for quite a while, and it was quite a rollercoaster, we had a technical issue or two and the sound didn’t come out the best either, we will fix the issue for the next show. Anyway, check it out, we have plenty of good tracks here for your listening pleasure.


  1. Pixel Tiger – Warriors
  2. Stephen Forsyth – Soul Engineers
  3. Ghost In The Static – Not Enough (Anarchy by Cyvergence)
  4. Hoheitsgewaesser & Himmelsreichsfleisch – Gleisstoerung
  5. SNSD – The Boys [Sunmix]
  6. Garfferen - Abominable Snowman
  7. Nick Levantis – Volunteer
  8. Mister Electric Demon – In troubles
  9. Darkhalo – Lost Memory
  10. Celestial Mechanics – The Universe is in Us (demo)

Thanks for everyone for tuning in. It was a pleasure making the show. Thanks to all the great artists who made the tracks, they are fabulous! Also thanks to mxb, the renoise scripting wizard, for dusting off his old CDJ’s and spinning some nice dance music before the show. Special thanks to everyone from Renoise IRC for being a great audience, hope you all had great time!

Albums of Notablity

This time we had two excellent albums to play on the show. These are all free  to download and very much enjoyable.

Mister Electric Demon – In Troubles

A nice chillout/idm release from totally awesome Renoise producer Mister Electric Demon. 7 tracks of dreamy textures and relaxed soundscapes with some occasional more experimental sounds thrown in here and there.

Totally a release worth to check out. It’s available on bandcamp on pay-what-you-want basis. Yes, you can pay 0 as well, and get the release for free, but sure we appreciate his music enough to throw him few bucks for his efforts! :)


Darkhalo – A Million Drops

Other great chillout release comes from Darkhalo. This one is specially amazing. Lot of beautiful amtospheres and soundscapes mixed with beats and awesome basslines. The release packs 13 tracks of truely great music.

This one is available for completely free. Go listen to it in soundcloud. Or directly download the 320 kbps mp3s from here.

The year just started, and we already have so good releases available for free download. All the artists will have really high bar set up for them to get anywhere near the Album of The Year title from me. :)

Hoheitsgewaesser & Himmelreichsfleisch – Gleisstoerung EP

Released just a few hours after the show aired I present the Hoheitsgewaesser & Himmelreichsfleisch – Gleisstoerung EP, also known as EP That Nobody Can Pronounce Unless German™.

This is what the label says about this one: After years of producing underground for private music partys, Hoheitsgewaesser & Himmelreichsfleisch unleashes a beast. Rhytmic madness and a sweet amount of deepness keep your feet dry while you brake the speed of sound. Under Water.

Also available for free under WDRSTND label.


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So yeah, we have a Facebook page now. Took quite a while, but  here it is. Go like, and share and do all the cool stuff one should do with a proper page of that kind.

In other news, we are also preparing to air another show of Remixta this weekend. Possibly at this Sunday 16:00 GMT as usual. The details on how to tune in, will follow shortly.

In the mean time, you can still send me songs. I have a pretty good selection already waiting for our listeners, but who knows what gems are still waiting to be discovered, so please feel free to drop me a message with your new tunes using the regular methods… Or post them directly to the brand new Facebook page.

Remixta #12: Sound Devotion Special

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Because Sound Devotion Competition celebrates the fifth year of operations this month, organic_io contacted me with plans to create a mix for the occasion. I offered him to do a show with me instead where we play those tracks.

In the end we decided to do both.  And the show we did can be heard in here! The selection of tracks is done entirely by organic_io, great thanks to him!

If you want to enjoy the smooth DJ mix of 38 minutes of SDC goodness, then click on the album cover, which will take you to SDC bandcamp, which has been specially created for this occasion.

If you would prefer to listen to us chatting about the nature of the tracks played, history of SDC in a familiar  Remixta podcast format, then feel free to listen to this podcast.

If you feel like checking out how all those amazing tracks have been made, then click on the track name in the track listing. This will take you to the SDC page where you can download the original XRNS file.


  1. Chotoro – SCA Type 2 (SDC #14, March 2007)
  2. Sonicade – Reon Kadence (SDC #1, April 2006)
  3. Tenfour – Chinese Identity Conflict (SDC #21, November, 2007)
  4. ambtax1 – Nowhere (SDC #53, November 2010)
  5. Kalachnikov – You wanna Rock (SDC #39, June 2009)
  6. Mick Rippon & Mr. Mark Dollin – Freedom (SDC #25, April 2008)
  7. Juolac – One single Pattern (SDC #50, September, 2010)
  8. Knetter – Waiting for the water to Rise (SDC #52, September 2010)
  9. Groovyone – 80’s State of Mind (SDC #3, May 2006)
  10. Keith303 – Due Midnight (SDC #17, July 2007)
  11. NT – Background Music for a splatter Movie (SDC #53, November 2010)

(Backtrack during chat is m0d – Inert State)

Check out the excellent anniversary DJ mix by organic_io: (No chatting in here, just some good music in a fluent mix)

Visit the Sound Devotion Competition, and join the next round:

Listen to the XRNS radio, by flight aka prom aka f7 aka p7 aka pilot aka promnesia aka GuyWithTooManyNames: (Thanks dude for lending us airtime!)

Remixta Episode #11

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Another month has passed and it’s time for Remixta Episode #11. This time we are bringing you lots of different music from all over the world. Keith303 starts the show with his above great House music. Lot more rhythmic dance music by Noby, Amok, Tarek-FM who keep the tempo up. Some really evil Zombiecore by Dead By Silence. Really excellent IDM from a newly found act Aech Rom, that picture in the header is also connected to his music, it really sounds like the picture, doesn’t it? (Picture itself is made by excellent concept artist Bastien Grivet).

Also we are playing some Hip Hop, ambient, and lots of other stuff. So, enjoy the show, keep sending us great music and see you next time in Remixta episode 12!


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