Tallinn Subway – Breakfast On Mars EP

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Remixta is proud to present a new release. A concept EP by Tallinn Subway bearing a title “Breakfast on Mars”. Four tracks of highly professional electronic dance music, influenced by House, Electro, Techno and sci-fi themes.

If music isn’t enough for you, check out the microsite with the story and some additional visuals for more immersive experience. The four chapter short story explains a little bit of the background of this music. A story of alternative timeline where space travel is just a part of the everyday reality in year 2012.

The EP is available for purchase through Remixta Bandcamp store and soon will be available on other digital outlets. The download also includes the  PDF of the story.

Go check out the interactive microsite for the whole experience:


Remixta Episode #11

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Another month has passed and it’s time for Remixta Episode #11. This time we are bringing you lots of different music from all over the world. Keith303 starts the show with his above great House music. Lot more rhythmic dance music by Noby, Amok, Tarek-FM who keep the tempo up. Some really evil Zombiecore by Dead By Silence. Really excellent IDM from a newly found act Aech Rom, that picture in the header is also connected to his music, it really sounds like the picture, doesn’t it? (Picture itself is made by excellent concept artist Bastien Grivet).

Also we are playing some Hip Hop, ambient, and lots of other stuff. So, enjoy the show, keep sending us great music and see you next time in Remixta episode 12!


Remixta Podcast episode #10

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Another episode of Remixta is here! Lot’s of cool new music from all parts of the world.

Show begins with a track by Renoise technical music guru It-Alien who may not be called Eye-Tea Alien, because his name does not come from Impulse Tracker nor Information Technology (nor Internet Things for that matter), but is a pun on word “Italian”.

Next, we play lots of different electronic music introduce couple of amazing albums and talk about the brand new release under Remixta netlabel. More…

Remixta podcast: Episode Five

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And again, DJ Suva from Estonia releases other episode full of awesome music from awesome renoise artists. This time we have four great albums to showcase and other great music, both old and new.

Like every time, every song in this show requires a hilight, but other than album tracks I would like to hilight the great track by DDtMM from year 2006, not much to say: there is a good reason why I would play that old track. Also, special mention goes to the ending track by Joulac. Starting off as really cheesy trackerish house track with a little twist that takes you somewhere totally else.

But who wants to read a lots of words, better start listening!


  1. Polybius – Appleyard
  2. Lackluster – Ism Psm Sm (EP Aeration)
  3. Helvetikone – Bender (Album Bubble Hum)
  4. Charly Linch – The Fall
  5. Next Life – The Reunion (Album The Lost Age)
  6. Next Life – World Map (Album The Lost Age)
  7. mr mark dollin & Alex Strain – Saint Santa (Album mmd_as)
  8. DDtMM – The Breakup
  9. Transient – You and Me
  10. Juolac – Feel Your Heart Started

Albums of Greatness

mr. Mark Dollin and Alex Strain – mmd_as

After long time of work two musical masterminds have created this amazing release free for everyone to listen. Mixture of complex ambient soundscapes, haunting lyrics and impressive rhythm sections are the keywords that can be used to describe this album, but there surely more than just those things that make this release as good as it is.

Remixta plays a track Saint Santa from the album which is a critical view of the commercialized holiday called christmas. This track was also released earlier as a christmas present for the community.

My favourite beside this track is Phoebe, but as said, this album is full
of greatness and you can hear from every single note that those two australian artists have spent more time working with each individual track than many other artists spend time on entire album.

Transient – Symphony of Curves

Transient brings us a new album filled with amazing collage of samples. A downtempo/triphop release which in it’s whole goodness is availabe as a free download for everyone.

Crisp master, positive and groovy melodies together with lots of
variations keep the listener engaged through the entire album and leave them wanting for more. Not much to say here but the same words I left in the Renoise forums under the album thread: This release just pure awesomeness. :)

Remixta plays first track from the album, You And Me. Not neccesarily my favourite track from the album, but as all the tracks are good and have their own special moments full of goodness needed to play I just chose the easy way out and started from the beginning.

Next Life – The Lost age

Something totally unexpected from Renoise scene. Some progressive metal music mixed with chiptune elements, complex rhythmic structures, ripping guitars and various electronic textures. This two man project from norway surely knows what they are doing, and not only on album — they have said to have great live shows. I have heard the claim from many people I trust so I am confident to recommend for you to go and see them next time they perform nearby.

The album contains 16 tracks, each of them less than two minutes long. The short tracks are bit problematic for radio DJ like myself, but together as an album work very well in continous pushing structure.

Remixta plays two tracks from this album.

Helvetikone – Bubble Hum

The artist name is said to be just some random made up word that doesn’t bring too many unrelated google search results, but thanks to the finger of fate the word sounds very close to Helvetin Kone which in finnish means “The Hells Machine”. This is actually what the music sounds like for me. Minimalistic electronica with touch of something really dark and hellish.

How exactly it sounds for you is up for you to decide as Remixta presents track number six, Bender, from the album. It is also interesting to note that the man behind this project is also the man behind Renoise. The allmighty Taktik himself.

Remixta: Episode Two

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On popular demand we are doing Ambient / Chillout podcast, so expect lot slower tempos and lot more of chillness. Most tracks are released in the past month, but not all of them. Specially surprising stuff is by Xerxes who is in the show with two remixes.

Don’t listen to this stuff when riding in a bus, you may fall a sleep and miss your stop! To avoid getting into looprides with a bus, I ended this show with something bit faster. A remix of hit track from last time.

As I had many other tracks I wanted to play, but had already exceeded the time limits, I may release second podcast this month, with more dance oriented stuff aswell.

Track list

  1. Mick Rippon – Legend of Woo (Xerxes Remix)
  2. Oleksus – Дзвін (Ringing)
  3. Void Pointer – Mushroom Fever
  4. mr mark dollin – Long (From album 3 Smargaid Maerd)
  5. Nine Inch Nails – Ghosts 32 (Xerxes Remix)
  6. Knetter – Sketches of Mind (SDC 32. winner)
  7. Void Pointer Feat. Jaede – Stuffed Animals (Haga & Plen’s Schizophrenic ’99 mix)

3 Smargaid Maerd

Todays episode of Remixta includes a track by mr. mark dollin from his latest album 3 Smargaid Maerd. One of the greatest electronica releases in this year.

I picked the track “Long” because this is my favourite track from the new album, it reminds me a bit more of the previous work from 2 Smargaid Maerd. Cold and dark, yet warm sounding and highly technical ambient soundscapes. His music is really original to him, and his distinct sound is something that really sticks with you.

This album, according to his own words, like previous albums in the series, deals with the meeting place of organic melody and quirky electronica: thematically dealing the unknown realms of delicate emotion and lucid dreaming. There is a general progression from loose improvisations to structured dramas.

You can fetch this album together with full digital artwork and his previous works from from his homepage.

Discuss this episode here (Renoise Forums)

Remixta podcast: Episode One

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This is the first Remixta podcast, bringing you the latest tracks I have collected from Renoise community. The tracks are selected by my taste alone not based on their technical quality or the popularity on boards or anywhere else.

This time the podcast is mostly concentrated on groovy and melodic dance music influenced by music from 70’s to 90’s but there also more modern sounding tracks, so I hope it’s pleasurable listen to everyone.

This is the first time I am doing a podcast and first time I am commenting on the radio show in english language so bear with me on the accent and bit clumsy speaking. There is room to improve and it shall be better next time. :)

If you have any new great stuff coming out please get in touch with me so we can showcase it on the next episode. Also send me a link to your new tracks if you have any if I like them I just might to play them on the next podcast!

Still reading? Huh? Start listening now. Subscribe to the podcast and don’t forget to let me know later how much you enjoyed the music. :)


  1. Hooligan – Frozen
  2. Tenda – Confrontation
  3. Beatslaughter – Siedepunkt
  4. Void Pointer feat. Jæde – Stuffed Animals
  5. Binärpilot – Robot Wars (check out the video)
  6. Hooligan – Nitrodisco
  7. D Fast – Do You Wanna Dance With Me
  8. Mitch Murder – Mellow Mode
  9. Antismap – Cyclic dream

I used Mr. Mark Dollin track titled Happy Pain on the rant between the tracks. I didn’t have intentions to play any music by Mr. Mark Dollin this time, but I had this track handy for backing ambience. Don’t worry though, I will probably play something by him next time! :)


This months podcast is showcasing a great new album Planet Boogie by one of the best Renoise artists D Fast. 80’s style funk/disco featuring technical grooves, big variety of instrumentation and excellent mastering.

This is something you will definitely enjoy if you like to shake your booty to the groove now and then. The track we are playing Do You Want To Dance With Me asks you a question… So do you want to take a little dance with music by D Fast? Ofcourse you do! Don’t hesitate to spend a buck and order the album now!