Makunouchi Bento Interview

Posted in Interviews by DJ Suva on October 21, 2010 2 Comments

This year saw a birth to an album Swimé by Makunouchi Bento which has been declared to be one of the best netlabel releases this year. No argument from me. The sound production is excellent, and there is lots of magic packed inside this 8 track release.

I already played a track from the album in last Remixta Episode #10, but I needed more. So, I contacted the guys from Makunouchi Bento, Felix “Waka X” Petrescu (on the left) and Valentin “Qewza” Toma (right) on twitter, and asked them for an interview. This is what we came up with. More…

Remixta Podcast episode #10

Posted in Podcast by DJ Suva on October 10, 2010 4 Comments

Another episode of Remixta is here! Lot’s of cool new music from all parts of the world.

Show begins with a track by Renoise technical music guru It-Alien who may not be called Eye-Tea Alien, because his name does not come from Impulse Tracker nor Information Technology (nor Internet Things for that matter), but is a pun on word “Italian”.

Next, we play lots of different electronic music introduce couple of amazing albums and talk about the brand new release under Remixta netlabel. More…

RMX001: Braintwister – Identity Matrix

Posted in Releases by DJ Suva on October 10, 2010 1 Comment

We are proud to announce the first release under Remixta netlabel. Braintwister – Identity Matrix, a four track album filled with Minimal Drum’n’Bass from germany. All created during year 2010 and all created with Renoise.

You can listen/download the music on Bandcamp:
Or directly from here (320kbps MP3):

Please share the Album on twitter/facebook/etc!

released 10 October 2010
All music composed by Braintwister.
Mastering by Glen Pilvre @

Cover art by Cly/Suva, Immortal Midge.
Music released by Remixta Netlabel.

If you need any other materials or information, please contact us.

Remixta #9

Posted in Podcast by DJ Suva on July 31, 2010 2 Comments


Lots of time has passed since last show again. Lots of things happened during this period. Including the crash of my computer which put things off for some time. Even now I had technical problems which delayed the broadcast for an half an hour and made me go live with a bit unfinished set.  Sorry for the low volume on voiceover and some glitches in mixing. Going to be lot better next time! :D More…

Remixta Epic Compo

Posted in Events, Live by DJ Suva on March 14, 2010 8 Comments

And the First Remixta Epic Compo  is over for this time. We had lots of great entries and lots of fun. Thanks to everyone for their submissions, and votes, I hope you all enjoyed this as much as I did! :)

The results

  1. Rampage by Braintwister (28 points)
  2. Noon by biteof (25 points)
  3. Out of Coins by Garfferen (18 points)
  4. Trinity by Rex Sathum (17 points)
  5. Dreamscape by Suva (17 points)
  6. Trippel by thus (16 points)
  7. Silts by MattWolfe (15 points)
  8. Serious Burial by dread (14 points)
  9. 24-22hOTNbC by magOwl (12 points)
  10. Chinese Salami Reggae by Den (6 points)
  11. Adventures of the Solitary Mind by xaos.tek (5 points)
  12. Saltyburbs by Ilisity (4 points)
  13. Drifting by dugonshoe (3 points)

You can listen to the entries here:

Thanks to everyone again!

<h2>The results</h2>

Episode 8: March 2010

Posted in Podcast by DJ Suva on March 7, 2010 13 Comments

And another great month for Renoise has passed and and again Suva played a bunch of new and old tracks. This time I started off with a metal track by Next life, and continued with some nice ambient and chillout music, some drum and bass and dance music coming in later of the show.

Also this show is dedicated to Renoise 2.5 which was released just few days ago. If you haven’t already go get your copy now, the best Music making software of all times! More…

Remixta Netlabel Is Looking For Artists

Posted in News by DJ Suva on February 17, 2010 15 Comments

Thanks to relatively high interest in Remixta show, we have been planning on making a Remixta based netlabel in the near future. The netlabel will start releasing albums by great artists from Renoise scene.

As for now, we are looking a first artist and first album/EP to release. If you have some great stuff, please get in touch with me. Send me a demo tracks and project descriptions (see Contact page)

  1. There is no money involved. The music will be released for free for everyone.
  2. There will be considerable amount of promotion for the artist
  3. This will not be a free service to upload your random music like soundcloud.
  4. We will not release just any material you give us. It has to be high quality music which you are proud of, and which has other fans too.
  5. Material should be original, and not released before.

Ep. 7: February

Posted in Podcast by DJ Suva on February 9, 2010 6 Comments

Second time live, with a terrible hangover from last night which took it’s toll. I forgot to press record button when I went live so 2 minutes of the show beginning were lost forever. Also I accidentally played an old version of Metylonia track. The new one is actually much cooler. Also messed up many pronunciations, like usual. I’ll promise, next time I’ll get pronunciation counseling. (See more for the tracklist) More…

First time live: Episode 6

Posted in Podcast by DJ Suva on January 9, 2010 No Comments yet

First time, Remixta was broadcast live over shoutcast. Thanks to everyone who tuned in and enjoyed the show with me. If you didn’t have time for that, or you missed it for some other reasons, you can always listen it now! More…

Remixta podcast: Episode Five

Posted in Podcast by DJ Suva on February 23, 2009 No Comments yet

And again, DJ Suva from Estonia releases other episode full of awesome music from awesome renoise artists. This time we have four great albums to showcase and other great music, both old and new.

Like every time, every song in this show requires a hilight, but other than album tracks I would like to hilight the great track by DDtMM from year 2006, not much to say: there is a good reason why I would play that old track. Also, special mention goes to the ending track by Joulac. Starting off as really cheesy trackerish house track with a little twist that takes you somewhere totally else.

But who wants to read a lots of words, better start listening!


  1. Polybius – Appleyard
  2. Lackluster – Ism Psm Sm (EP Aeration)
  3. Helvetikone – Bender (Album Bubble Hum)
  4. Charly Linch – The Fall
  5. Next Life – The Reunion (Album The Lost Age)
  6. Next Life – World Map (Album The Lost Age)
  7. mr mark dollin & Alex Strain – Saint Santa (Album mmd_as)
  8. DDtMM – The Breakup
  9. Transient – You and Me
  10. Juolac – Feel Your Heart Started

Albums of Greatness

mr. Mark Dollin and Alex Strain – mmd_as

After long time of work two musical masterminds have created this amazing release free for everyone to listen. Mixture of complex ambient soundscapes, haunting lyrics and impressive rhythm sections are the keywords that can be used to describe this album, but there surely more than just those things that make this release as good as it is.

Remixta plays a track Saint Santa from the album which is a critical view of the commercialized holiday called christmas. This track was also released earlier as a christmas present for the community.

My favourite beside this track is Phoebe, but as said, this album is full
of greatness and you can hear from every single note that those two australian artists have spent more time working with each individual track than many other artists spend time on entire album.

Transient – Symphony of Curves

Transient brings us a new album filled with amazing collage of samples. A downtempo/triphop release which in it’s whole goodness is availabe as a free download for everyone.

Crisp master, positive and groovy melodies together with lots of
variations keep the listener engaged through the entire album and leave them wanting for more. Not much to say here but the same words I left in the Renoise forums under the album thread: This release just pure awesomeness. :)

Remixta plays first track from the album, You And Me. Not neccesarily my favourite track from the album, but as all the tracks are good and have their own special moments full of goodness needed to play I just chose the easy way out and started from the beginning.

Next Life – The Lost age

Something totally unexpected from Renoise scene. Some progressive metal music mixed with chiptune elements, complex rhythmic structures, ripping guitars and various electronic textures. This two man project from norway surely knows what they are doing, and not only on album — they have said to have great live shows. I have heard the claim from many people I trust so I am confident to recommend for you to go and see them next time they perform nearby.

The album contains 16 tracks, each of them less than two minutes long. The short tracks are bit problematic for radio DJ like myself, but together as an album work very well in continous pushing structure.

Remixta plays two tracks from this album.

Helvetikone – Bubble Hum

The artist name is said to be just some random made up word that doesn’t bring too many unrelated google search results, but thanks to the finger of fate the word sounds very close to Helvetin Kone which in finnish means “The Hells Machine”. This is actually what the music sounds like for me. Minimalistic electronica with touch of something really dark and hellish.

How exactly it sounds for you is up for you to decide as Remixta presents track number six, Bender, from the album. It is also interesting to note that the man behind this project is also the man behind Renoise. The allmighty Taktik himself.

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