Remixta Episode #13

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And the new Remixta show is up for your listening pleasure. Haven’t done one for quite a while, and it was quite a rollercoaster, we had a technical issue or two and the sound didn’t come out the best either, we will fix the issue for the next show. Anyway, check it out, we have plenty of good tracks here for your listening pleasure.


  1. Pixel Tiger – Warriors
  2. Stephen Forsyth – Soul Engineers
  3. Ghost In The Static – Not Enough (Anarchy by Cyvergence)
  4. Hoheitsgewaesser & Himmelsreichsfleisch – Gleisstoerung
  5. SNSD – The Boys [Sunmix]
  6. Garfferen - Abominable Snowman
  7. Nick Levantis – Volunteer
  8. Mister Electric Demon – In troubles
  9. Darkhalo – Lost Memory
  10. Celestial Mechanics – The Universe is in Us (demo)

Thanks for everyone for tuning in. It was a pleasure making the show. Thanks to all the great artists who made the tracks, they are fabulous! Also thanks to mxb, the renoise scripting wizard, for dusting off his old CDJ’s and spinning some nice dance music before the show. Special thanks to everyone from Renoise IRC for being a great audience, hope you all had great time!

Albums of Notablity

This time we had two excellent albums to play on the show. These are all free  to download and very much enjoyable.

Mister Electric Demon – In Troubles

A nice chillout/idm release from totally awesome Renoise producer Mister Electric Demon. 7 tracks of dreamy textures and relaxed soundscapes with some occasional more experimental sounds thrown in here and there.

Totally a release worth to check out. It’s available on bandcamp on pay-what-you-want basis. Yes, you can pay 0 as well, and get the release for free, but sure we appreciate his music enough to throw him few bucks for his efforts! :)


Darkhalo – A Million Drops

Other great chillout release comes from Darkhalo. This one is specially amazing. Lot of beautiful amtospheres and soundscapes mixed with beats and awesome basslines. The release packs 13 tracks of truely great music.

This one is available for completely free. Go listen to it in soundcloud. Or directly download the 320 kbps mp3s from here.

The year just started, and we already have so good releases available for free download. All the artists will have really high bar set up for them to get anywhere near the Album of The Year title from me. :)

Hoheitsgewaesser & Himmelreichsfleisch – Gleisstoerung EP

Released just a few hours after the show aired I present the Hoheitsgewaesser & Himmelreichsfleisch – Gleisstoerung EP, also known as EP That Nobody Can Pronounce Unless German™.

This is what the label says about this one: After years of producing underground for private music partys, Hoheitsgewaesser & Himmelreichsfleisch unleashes a beast. Rhytmic madness and a sweet amount of deepness keep your feet dry while you brake the speed of sound. Under Water.

Also available for free under WDRSTND label.

  • rtkeeling:

    Glad you’re back! I’ve just been getting into Renoise lately and had found your podcast. It was depressing to see that there had been no activity for such a long time. It looked like maybe you had abandoned the project. Anyways, thank you and the artists for this set!

  • Pp:

    Nice set! Thanks Suva :)

  • 1amNick:

    Once again a very good job! Keep em coming!
    Even there may not be as much listeners as you want but we like this, and we want more.
    Thanks for all 13 podcasts!

  • Suva:

    Oh, there is plenty of listeners, don’t be worried about that. Looking at the stats, I am not disappointed at all. :)

  • 1amNick:

    Just out of curiosity what are the stats?

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