Remixta #12: Sound Devotion Special

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Because Sound Devotion Competition celebrates the fifth year of operations this month, organic_io contacted me with plans to create a mix for the occasion. I offered him to do a show with me instead where we play those tracks.

In the end we decided to do both.  And the show we did can be heard in here! The selection of tracks is done entirely by organic_io, great thanks to him!

If you want to enjoy the smooth DJ mix of 38 minutes of SDC goodness, then click on the album cover, which will take you to SDC bandcamp, which has been specially created for this occasion.

If you would prefer to listen to us chatting about the nature of the tracks played, history of SDC in a familiar  Remixta podcast format, then feel free to listen to this podcast.

If you feel like checking out how all those amazing tracks have been made, then click on the track name in the track listing. This will take you to the SDC page where you can download the original XRNS file.


  1. Chotoro – SCA Type 2 (SDC #14, March 2007)
  2. Sonicade – Reon Kadence (SDC #1, April 2006)
  3. Tenfour – Chinese Identity Conflict (SDC #21, November, 2007)
  4. ambtax1 – Nowhere (SDC #53, November 2010)
  5. Kalachnikov – You wanna Rock (SDC #39, June 2009)
  6. Mick Rippon & Mr. Mark Dollin – Freedom (SDC #25, April 2008)
  7. Juolac – One single Pattern (SDC #50, September, 2010)
  8. Knetter – Waiting for the water to Rise (SDC #52, September 2010)
  9. Groovyone – 80’s State of Mind (SDC #3, May 2006)
  10. Keith303 – Due Midnight (SDC #17, July 2007)
  11. NT – Background Music for a splatter Movie (SDC #53, November 2010)

(Backtrack during chat is m0d – Inert State)

Check out the excellent anniversary DJ mix by organic_io: (No chatting in here, just some good music in a fluent mix)

Visit the Sound Devotion Competition, and join the next round:

Listen to the XRNS radio, by flight aka prom aka f7 aka p7 aka pilot aka promnesia aka GuyWithTooManyNames: (Thanks dude for lending us airtime!)

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