Remixta Episode #11

Posted in Podcast by DJ Suva on November 20, 2010 8 Comments

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Another month has passed and it’s time for Remixta Episode #11. This time we are bringing you lots of different music from all over the world. Keith303 starts the show with his above great House music. Lot more rhythmic dance music by Noby, Amok, Tarek-FM who keep the tempo up. Some really evil Zombiecore by Dead By Silence. Really excellent IDM from a newly found act Aech Rom, that picture in the header is also connected to his music, it really sounds like the picture, doesn’t it? (Picture itself is made by excellent concept artist Bastien Grivet).

Also we are playing some Hip Hop, ambient, and lots of other stuff. So, enjoy the show, keep sending us great music and see you next time in Remixta episode 12!

Track list

  1. 00:00 :: Keith303 – Devil in Disguise (evoke’10 cut)
  2. 03:37 :: Noby – Monophonique
  3. 07:02 :: in_tenseMinus Touch
  4. 13:12 :: Amok – POP-IT!
  5. 21:03 :: Simon Harris – Ecstasy – The Sheer Fun of It
  6. 22:11 :: Dead by Silence – Invisible Zombie
  7. 25:26 :: Tarek-FM – Mindbender
  8. 30:19 :: Aech Rom – Sick Duck
  9. 33:31 :: KOTR – Brain On Drugs (Production by dtunez)
  10. 38:09 :: Void Pointer – Tuesday
  11. 41:50 :: Bad Bandwidth – On The Edge Of The Bandwidths

During the show we had fun on Renoise IRC. Some people thought IDM is pretty cool genre, but the name sucks. People started think new meanings for the acronym. Some of those were, “Intellectually Decadent Mess”, “I Dig Modulations”, “I Drink Milk”. Also someone mentioned that Zombiecore is a dead musical genre…

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